Time for Creating – Christmas Cards

Time for creating Christmas cards

Here we are at Labour Weekend - this always signals Christmas is around the corner.  With the Taumarunui Art Fair up and running for three days new inspiration for gifts is on offer as the variety of range has been expanded this year.

In preparing for the Art Fair I have created the classes for October/ November 2021, including cards designed for early Christmas posting, specialty fold cards and a class on creating one style of 3-D packaging

The first Christmas workshop will be on Wednesday, 27th October.  Please get in touch early to ensure your place in one of the day’s sessions

The next dates will be posted on Daydreams facebook page:

A busy yet super fun time of the year is ahead!

(images © stampin up)

Why craft?

Why craft?

To "craft" means many different things to each of us.  I am inspired by those who create magic in their gardens, in interior design, and on canvas with watercolour, oils and multi-media (-: 

For me, the word crafting conjures up childhood memories, bringing up a young family, and learning skills in paper-craft and stitch-craft.   Perhaps this posting will prompt memories… and if craft was not part of the past perhaps it can become part of the future.

When considering the question “why craft?” I am privileged to not only write of my personal reasons but to also draw on the feedback of customers, students, and friends over many years. 

The sense of achievement when a project comes together over hours, days, or weeks plus…, is felt deep within and is at its core, an ideal way of building and maintaining mental wellbeing.  It is also satisfying to be part of the societal changes moving back to treasuring time and reducing the waste a ‘throw away’ attitude has caused.

When stitching hardanger, cross-stitch, with silk ribbon and more, there is a rhythm to the movement of needle and thread that is shown to slow and deepen breathing, allowing us to improve physical health.  The artistry of, for example, patchwork and quilting is currently on display in the Taumarunui War Memorial Hall (5-7 March) and both embroidery and craft circles are active in the local Women’s Club.

When quilling, cardmaking and teabag folding, less than an hour and minimal, inexpensive materials lead to masterpieces to be gifted and treasured.   Over the past year I have sent many more handmade cards than ever before and I have loved the flow on effect of conversations, return letters and valued connections that have been made possible from answering the call to CRAFT



The Science behind being HAPPY

Who knew there was so much learning to be absorbed in relation to finding the simple space of being happy.  First identify where personal happiness is currently (Oxford University has developed a questionnaire for this) then recognise  personal strengths ... so often I only recognise this in myself through the eyes of others.

Now the foundation is laid it is time to challenge all the automatic thoughts my brain uses to try to look after me...unfortunately human beings are hard-wired for a negative/ protective/ worse case scenario reaction.  Time to do some rewiring (-:  Now I have been practicing a range of rewirements (thanks Yale University for this clever term) I am finding my strategies are being strengthened each time I have the opportunity to share with others.

I look forward to sharing some of these insights with guests, students and readers as this blog progresses - message me as you spot the happiness hints in future posts (-:

What is Mindfulness?

When someone mentions mindfulness my first reaction is the think - meditation...I can't concentrate like that, then my self talk identifies mindfulness as the latest buzz word giving my mind  another chance to dismiss the whole idea.

What I finally discovered however is that despite mindfulness relating to meditation and being a current buzz is something that I can benifit from!  It doesn't require me to sit crosslegged on the floor chanting a mantra and it has value in so many aspects of life

I have now learnt how to incorporate this simple practice into every aspect of my day to boost happiness, strength, balance and all those other feel-good aspects that life needs.  I have enjoyed doing the study that allows me to pass onto others,  all the different ways mindfulness can be approached.  I look forward to introducing the many layers of "Being in the Moment" that is mindfulness to all those around me!